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Breville Cafe Roma ESP8XL Replacement Parts: Aluminum Filter Ring (also fits Cafe Roma ESP8C)




Distributor inquiries only!!!! 1-403-217-7641.


Breville Cafe Roma Replacement Filter Ring

Tired of cracking your plastic Breville Cafe Roma ESP8XL* filter ring? Try our aluminum replacement filter ring and say good bye to cracking plastic. What are clients saying about our rings? *According to Karl G., in Australia, this ring fits the Breville Cafe Roma ESP8C model in Australia and New Zealand. Thanks again to Karl G, from Australia for pointing out that we can ship these parts using International Small Parcel (Air) to most countries with delivery typically withing 8-15 days.

Why did we make this replacement part?

It seems there is a weak point in the Breville Cafe Roma ESP8XL espresso machine: the plastic filter holder cracks when the filter plugs or the filter is overfilled with grind. Add to this Breville's delays in getting spare parts and then delays in getting it installed, and you can find yourself without a decent cup of coffee for quite some time (it took over 8 weeks to receive the replacement Breville Cafe Roma filter ring -- we were given a lead time of 5 weeks by our service agents).

As a result, we have reverse-engineered the part and made it in aluminum. We can also offer it in stainless steel. You can order your replacement Breville Cafe Roma ESP8XL replacement rings below, out of a material stronger than plastic.

The ring is officially called a "carafe seating" by Breville, part of the "showerhead", an assembly of parts that pour water onto your grind. The "carafe seating" holds the filter in a Cafe Roma ESP8XL and ensures a seal between the filter and the other parts of the espresso maker. Below is a photo of our cracked collar after we overfilled the ESP8XL filter with grind. We were told it would take about 5 weeks to get replacement parts, but in fact, it took over 8 weeks and many calls. Eventually we by-passed the service agents and called Breville directly. It still took a few weeks after that.


Nov. 15 -- We got tired of waiting for replacement parts for our Breville Cafe Roma ESP8XL (as of Oct. 15th, we had waited 4 weeks and are told that the distributor is back ordered on these parts), so we made our own replacement filter ring. We made it out of aluminum and can sell that for $47.95 plus shipping and taxes. Stainless upgrade would be $95.75, plus shipping and taxes. e-mail us at if you are interested in an after market Breville Cafe Roma filter holder ring to replace your plastic ring. We typically have a couple in stock and will keep them around as long as there is interest.

If like us, you think those machine make pretty good coffee and you don't want to wait any longer, e-mail us for a replacement and we should have it on your door step w/ in a few days. We take Paypal and you can purchase the parts below.

We offer these replacement parts in aluminum or stainless steel. Aluminum is working well on ours, but with all the worries about aluminum in food products, we can also offering this part in stainless. Aluminum should be OK as it does not seem that coffee would get in contact with the filter holder ring, plus the outside of the filter itself is made of aluminum.

To order replacement aluminum or stainless filter collars, use the buttons below.

Order Aluminum collar for $47.95 plus shipping and taxes.

Stainless Collars. Sorry, we have discontinued the stainless steel filter ring due to rising material cost and machining time of the part. Part would be over $100. Call for pricing if you are interested in stainless steel. We can put in a stainless part, but expect a price in the $100-120 range depending on our cost for stainless steel.

What are our clients saying about our filter rings and our service?

"Thank you for the part, it works just fine...." "Also, I wanted to point out that the authorized repair centers in Ontario can not get the replacement part from Breville. Perhaps you should contact them and see if they would be willing to offer your part as an option. I tried to get the part in Burlington, but the store had a few on backorder already and have been waiting for weeks." A. L., St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

"I am in Calgary and got tired of waiting for the part from the service centre. I got yours 3 days after ordering and it fit just fine. Thank you." E.O., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!!!!" A.K., Lake Forest, California, USA.

"Works beatifully... Enjoying again good espresso..." JG, Puerto Rico, USA.

"Just wanted to drop and note to let you know that I have received my espresso part and it's working splendidly. Thank you for everything!" J.G., Denton, Texas, USA.

"Works really great. Hope you can make a good business out of milling these items. Many thanks and good luck on your business. " SB, Houston, Texas.

"Received the order a fine bit of work, thanks." B.T., Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.

"Thank you very much for the part.We are very satisfied.The part is done professionally. THANK YOU!!!!" J.N. Lasalle, Quebec, Canada.

(Translation follows) "Nous avons bien reçu la pièce pour notre cafetière expresso. Tout est parfait...... et le café fut le bienvenue en cette journée de tempête au Québec... ;-) Merci pour votre excellent service et communication. Durée de l'attente (pièce envoyée lundi et reçu mercredi ) moins de 3 jrs - distance 3660 KM... C'est super!!!" C.R., Blainville, Québec, Canada. (Translation: we received the part for our espresso machine. Everything is perfect ... and the coffee was really welcome on this cold blizzard night in Quebec.... Thank you for the excellent service and communication. Incredibly, we received the part in under 3 days - for a distance of 3660 KM. Awsome!!!"

"I picked up the part for the coffee machine from my son in Calgary last week. This morning, back in Scotland, with the new part fitted I was able to use the espresso machine for the first time since January and a fine cup of coffee was the result. Thanks again for all your help. It is great to know someone who can fix or replace parts rather than replace the entire appliance. I have told others of your business and there is definitely an interest. K. S., Scotland.

To date, we have shipped to:

Most provinces in Canada, many states in the US, Thailand, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand.

Ask about Vancouver Wire EDM's custom and obsolete part program

Does your service centre no longer carry replacement parts for your favorite espresso maker, engine or other product you cannot do without? Is your authorized dealer telling you that the parts to service your appliance or vehicle are obsolete? Maybe we can help. Contact us if you need custom or obsolete parts for your appliance, vehicle or other equipment.

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