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Vancouver Tel: 604-899-8977 Fax: 604-899-0959

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Wire EDM:
Vancouver Wire EDM runs one of the largest wire EDM machines on the West Coast. The large dimensions of this equipment allows Vancouver Wire EDM to cut large parts.

Our wire EDM table travel max:

X 30"
Y 20"
Z 12.5"

Max table weight 2200 lbs

Machine specs:

5 axis, auto wire thread, tapers up to 10 deg

Other Vancouver Wire EDM capabilities:

10T crane

Plunge EDM:
Hansvedt SM 150B sinker c/w Gromax orbiter. 8" x 6" x 6" travels. Max workpiece dimensions: 14" x 12" x 6". Max workpiece weight: 300 lb.
Hansvedt MS4 3 axis CNC sinker. 12" x 7" x 8" travels. Max workpiece dimensions 14" x 12" x 8". Max workpiece weight: 300 lb.

Okuma 4 axis CNC sinker. Large weight capacity.

Defiance VTX 1: 3 axis CNC vertical machining center 10K spindle. Envelope X: 12" Y: 7" Z: 6"
Haas Minimill: 3 axis CNC vertical machining center 6K spindle. Envelope X: 16" Y: 12" Z: 10"
Bridgeport turret mill: Manual vertical with horizontal head. Table size: 9" x 49". Envelope: X: 36" Y: 12" Z: 21"

Haas Toolroom Mill with full enclosure; 7.5-hp, 6,000 rpm. Envelope X: 30" Y: 12" Z: 16" 762 x 305 x 406mm,
10 position automatic tool changer.
Mighty USA Comet VMC; 15 hp spindle; 20 Position Auto Tool changer. Envelope: X: 16 Y: 30 Z: 19

Kent 10" x 20" hydraulic surface grinder c/w Optidress profile dresser and diaform form dresser.
Implant Mechanix cutter grinder c/w cylindrical workhead and indexing workhead 3" OD x 5" long capacity.

TIG welder water cooled, argon.
Laser welder, 60 Watt, .004" spot size, 5"x5"x5" envelope. Will weld most metals, high accuracy welding.
We have experience welding hard to weld alloys and materials, including titanium, inconel, monel, stainless, aluminum

Monarch 10EE super precision toolroom lathe. 12" swing, 20" between centers.
Manual Lathe

Special Inspection and Quality:
Non destructive testing capabilities.
Magnetic particle inspection.
1.5X to 90X stereo zoom inspection microscope.
10:1 and 50:1 shadowgraph.
Granite Surface Plate 2' x 2'.
2 sets Gage blocks.
2 sets Gage pins.
All Standard Measuring Tools. (Micrometers, Calipers, Etc.)

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