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Machining Thin Flat Parts: When to Use Wire EDM, Laser, Waterjet, Plasma or Punching?

Choose wire EDM when you need:

  • accurate parts
  • fine finishes
  • burr-free parts
  • perpendicular cut surfaces
  • accurate side tapers
  • moderate quantities of thin flat parts ( tens, hundreds or low thousands)
  • accurate relation to other features
  • parts that are thicker than their width
  • minimum heat affected zone
  • fragile delicate parts
  • small parts
  • frequent design changes

    Laser or waterjet is cheaper when you can accept:

  • Open tolerances and rougher finishes
  • Non-perpendicular cut surfaces
  • Larger internal corner radii

    Plasma or oxy-fuel works when you can live with :

  • Precision measured with a tape measure
  • Large heat affected zone
  • Dross, scale, edge gouges and other gross imperfections

    Punching is best when you need very high volumes or:

  • Drawn, stamped or bent features on the part.
  • Embossing or marking on the part

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